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The Origin


We all are epicureans, and the MyButcher’s team probably even more so than everyone else.

So during our weekly BBQ in this country, where so many of us worship the sunshine, it saddened us to find that we still couldn’t get real & authentic French cold meats, such as chipolatas (small sausages), black pudding, andouillette (French sausage) or even smoked bacon!

It’s only natural to get excited about gathering together to share with friends and family some traditional sausages, potted meats and other mouthwatering temptations from the French delicatessen.

And because we’ve been missing these high-end products so much here in the UAE, MyButcher has decided to put French producers and consumers together to offer a direct distribution without intermediaries!

MyButcher is committed to providing all expats in the UAE with quality, traditional French delicatessen products – for a very affordable price!

So now everyone can enjoy gathering in the sunshine and sharing the joy these French delectables bring to any get-together.


Founder & CEO

Supply Chain

Fast delivery from France

Place your order before Sunday 10pm and receive it 1 week later at your door

  • My Butcher products are guaranteed 100% French meat, coming from farms born, raised and processed in France.

  • My Butcher meats and sausages are systematically prepared on the day of departure by our butchers to be delivered directly to you. They are carefully packed in their packaging and are coated with a highly resistant film.

  • Our products are delivered weekly by refrigerated transport by road and air directly to your home in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. The cold chain is strictly respected and controlled. Our products are imported and transported by us in accordance with the regulations applicable to the United Arab Emirates (Pork permit number : FSPA-2019- 000208).

  • Thanks to our logistic chain, our products can be stored in your refrigerator whithin the DLC and can be frozen (up to 6 months) without loss of flavor or tenderness.

  • The product delivery will be managed efficiently by our team and will happen from Sunday to Thursday in between 9am and 9pm, as per your instructions. Please ensure that there will be someone to receive your items on the agreed delivery day.

Our Producers

SAVEURS DES MAUGES (Anjou Region, West of France)

My Butcher meats and sausages are produced exclusively with ingredients from French farms.

The sausages are cooked by the company Saveurs des Mauges, a family business located in the heart of Anjou for several generations. The company, the first employer in the village of Pin en Mauges, produces a local delicatessen from a real know-how charcutier.

The manual work developed ensures the mastery of all the steps of the manufacture of the authentic products.

Thus, the old-fashioned rillettes with Guérande salt are simmered as in the past by a slow cooking of 18 hours, in cast iron kettles.

Smoking is done with natural sawdust to find even more authenticity and flavors for smoked hams, sausages, smoked chest or sausages.

Similarly, the old-fashioned products are prepared exclusively with fresh products. This is how parsley, garlic, onions and milk are produced in neighboring farms and received every morning.

Flavor of the Mauges offers the know-how of the small butcher, offering high quality products, elaborated according to traditional recipes of the soil and the old, reminiscent of the good taste of yesteryear.

PORC NOIR DE BIGORRE (Hautes-Pyrénées Region, South-West of France)

In 1981, while threatened with extinction, the Noir de Bigorre (black pig) could be saved by a handful of breeders who strongly wished to preserve this symbol of their culture.

It is in the Bigorre region, in the heart of the Pyrenees mountains, where these pigs are well-cared under severely controlled terms and conditions, in vast pastures, and fed with cereals and various peas. They offer a melting and coloured meat, which will give flavourful hams once the 20-months minimum curing process is complete.

Thanks to their new protected denominations, the AOC “Noir de Bigorre Ham” and the AOC “Noir de Bigorre Pork”, ), these products now enjoy a deserved recognition !

To make your mouth water :

Rack, loin, roast, tournedos, cured ham…whole or pre-cut parts for food service. We offer the complete range of cured meat under the collective farmers’ brand Padouen : hams, blood sausages, head cheese, chorizo, cured sausages …