Plain Artisan Sausage Meat -400gr

Plain Artisan Sausage Meat -400gr

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Chair à saucisse Nature Supérieure is easy to cook in a saucepan with ingredients you love, for instance: oignons, tomatoes, herbe de provence ! You can also add 1 or 2 spoon(s) of rice to absorb water and make a tasty dish for your family! Consume well cooked.

100% Origin France
Produced by Saveurs des Mauges


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Roasted, tasty and comforting meats are a must for a winter day or a summer barbecue. In the same way, the long cooking of simmered, paupiettes or crepinettes, offers a soft and melting incomparable, which none can resist. My Butcher offers you this range of meat to roast or to simmer to satisfy the gastronomers and the cooks of the daily newspaper.

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