Refund & cancellation Policy

Refund & cancellation Policy

We will refund in the following situations:

  • You place a complain, accompanied with pictures and the quantity is clearly less than the average, or some produces are clearly damaged or rotten. The complain has to be placed on the same day of delivery of the box.
  • We do not deliver you on the specified day.
  • Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment.

We will not refund in the following situations:

  • You make a complain about the quality or quantity, but do not send pictures, do not send your complain on the same day of delivery, the pictures do not show any problems with your produces.
  • We have a delay in our delivery but still deliver you on the correct day.

The refund will be done through your bank account, we will process it on the very same day we receive your valid complain and you should see it on your bank account within 3 working days.