Supply Chain & Delivery

Supply Chain & Delivery

  1. My Butcher products are guaranteed 100% French meat, coming from farms born, raised and processed in France.


  1. My Butcher meats and sausages are systematically prepared on the day of departure by our butchers to be delivered directly to you. They are carefully packed in their packaging and are coated with a highly resistant film.


  1. Our products are delivered weekly by refrigerated transport by road and air directly to your home in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. The cold chain is strictly respected and controlled. Our products are imported and transported by us in accordance with the regulations applicable to the United Arab Emirates (Pork Permit Number FSPA-2018-000096).


  1. Thanks to our logistic chain, our products can be stored in your refrigerator whithin the DLC and can be frozen (up to 6 months) without loss of flavor or tenderness.
NEXT DELIVERIES starting 30 JUNE : Please place your order before Sunday 23 JUNE (10pm)